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I Want to Break Free - Two Lads and a Laptop
Two Lads and a Laptop

I Want to Break Free - Two Lads and a Laptop

We chose to arrange this song when producing a sound track to a local firework show for its recommencement after a year's break due to COIVD. We wanted to tell the story of the pandemic and chose this song to represent the burning desire that built up within most of us to 'break free' from lockdown restrictions and start living life normally again. Written by Queen's Bass player, John Deacon, "I Want to Break Free" was originally about someone who feels trapped in their relationship and wants to ‘break free’ of their lover. In the original video, Freddie Mercury's character is the main protagonist, yet all band members, including Brian May and Roger Taylor, represent a character who feels trapped. We were fortunate to get permission to film in St Neots Museum that is based in an old courthouse that still has 3 original Edwardian holding cells intact. It really does have the stereotypical feel of a 19th/20th century English prison. Our video has nods to the original Queen Video (without the drag) being inspired by the opening, minors under the stairs and hoovering (mopping in our version) and also to The Shawshank Redemption with an escape hole covered by a Raquel Welch poster and our prison uniforms chosen to resemble the Shawshank wardrobe. Detail fact: Mike's prison number is John Deacon's date of birth and Nick's prison number is Freddie Mercury's date of birth. Two Lads and a Laptop are: Nick Ingles Cello Mike Roberts Keys/Production Apple Powerbook Pro Laptop Official website: Our Debut CD:
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