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about us...

We are simply two musicians, armed with various strings and a

laptop, on a mission to spread love, joy and peace through music!


Loving music of virtually every genre and context, we're happy to turn our hand to anything in performing unique versions of songs and other repertoire that inspire and lift spirits.

nick - 1.jpeg

 Nick Ingles 

mike - 1.jpeg

 Mike Roberts 

NICK is a Brazilian born, Italian-Brazilian and British cellist whose first encounter with the cello was in Church. Classically trained, Nick has always explored an alternative repertoire, from gospel to pop, choral to musicals, and the cello seems the perfect instrument for such broad exploration.


When he's not fiddling around with his bow and strings he enjoys cooking, cycling and running in the beautiful English countryside but, most importantly, he loves spending time with his wife and daughter (and, of course, his furry Labradoodle), after all, life is for living, and like the old song goes, “the best things in life are free”.

MIKE is a British born electronic musician and sound artist, whose first encounter with expressive sound was a blend of gospel organ from his Pentecostal roots mingling with the jet sounds of planes approaching Heathrow airport above. Since that baptism into merged sound-worlds, he passionately explores sonic twists in music of all genres.


When he's not twiddling around with cables and leads he enjoys vegan food, classic cars and walking in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside. Like Nick, he loves spending time with his wife and two children (and, their incredibly naughty Cavapoo - whose noxious emissions prove that "the worst things in life are free" too!).



LAPTOP, the third member of the band (and most important according to Laptop), is an 16 inch MacBook Pro (at least for the next few years until it’s replaced, shhh…). Running Logic Pro X and MaxMSP, Laptop allows Mike to turn cups into bells and Nick's cello into an orchestra (among other things).


When Laptop is not attempting world domination, it enjoys obsessing over the numbers 0 and 1, chilling by itself with an internal fan, and global networking. Laptop is vaguely self-aware that it's the latest generation of a much larger family, but really doesn't understand the whole dog thing!

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